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  About Sugarcane: Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) family Gramineae (Poaceae) is widely grown crop in India. It provides employment to over a million people directly or indirectly besides contributing significantly to the national exchequer. Sugarcane growing countries of the world lay between the latitude 36.7° north and 31.0° south of the equator is extending from tropical […]

Fig (Ficus carica L.) is a fruit of warm temperate zone. It is one of the oldest fruits known to man and has been eulogized by well known Greek writers homer and plato. Mention about this fruit has been made in the earliest chapters of Bible. Fig trees are generally thriving in the field of mild […]

INTRODUCTION: In recent times revolutionary changes are seen in the floriculture industry. One component contributing for this revolution is dried flower industry. Fresh flowers are short-lived and available only during a particular season. Huge number of fresh flowers is also wasted due to lack of proper marketing channel and some unavoidable circumstances during blooming season. […]